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The History

For years the South African telecom consumer had to be satisfied with Telkom, a Government regulated telecommunications body. The consumer had no choice in telecommunication services and for years had to put up with exorbint prices as well as the worst customer services you can think of. Somewhere along the line somebody saw the light and Telkom was deregulated on 1 February 2005 which opened up the market for other telecommunication companies.

Vox Telecom is South Africa’s leading alternative Telecommunications Company and has over 10 years experience in the telecommunications (Telco) sector with DataPro, Orion Telecoms, and Atlantic Internet. Vox Telecom has grown organically and through strategic acquisitions is listed on the JSE with a market cap of over 2.5 billion. But what does this mean for the consumer and how can the consumer benefit?


Are you aware that the Telecommunications Industry in South Africa is worth a WHOPPING 100 Billion Rand? This industry up till now was guarded better than the gold in Fort Knox but thanks to the deregulation has changed and you can also have a piece of this lucrative industry. How is this possible?

For the first time ever you have the opportunity to profit wildly by starting your very own telecommunications business enabling you to share the following benefits:

– Building your very own telecommunications business. This you will achieve by marketing the Vox phone and related products to customers.

– No investment in any infrastructure, staff, systems or stock.

– Build a national business serving an existing market with a great product regardless of your location.

– No worries about billing, customer support or any admin functions.

– Able to receive a passive income for life.

– Possible clientele include all people who currently have access to ADSL as well as small and medium businesses.


Apart from the possibility of starting your own business you may simply want to use this great service. How does this benefit you? Your Vox Telephone is a “add on” service to your current Telkom Line. Here are some other great benefits you will receive as a Vox client:

 The Product

– Wireless Router and cordless phone with a range of up to 30 meters.

– Cordless phone can store up to 150 contacts – home, work and mobile fields for each contact.

– Range of ringtones.

– Caller Line Identity, Forwarding and Call waiting.

– Voicemail.

 The Benefits

– Up to 30% reduction on the cost of your phone calls.

– Vox to Vox calls is FREE.

– Save up to 23% on national calls.

– 16% on cell phone calls.

– Save up to 50% on international calls.

– Earn between 20 and 40 cents on incoming calls. 1 Hour incoming calls per day means R 710-00 cash in your bank.

– 087 Number allocated to you which remain yours even if you relocate.


I have been using the Vox Telephone for a couple of months and am really happy with my Vox Telephone. Here are my findings:

 – The customer service center experience is excellent. Ensure that you stipulate clearly who you want to talk to otherwise you might get transferred to the wrong department.

– Holding time on calls is seldom longer than 2 minutes when phoning the Vox help centre.

– The technical knowledge of the operators is of outstanding quality.

– Technical setup is a breeze. Follow the instructions in the starter pack manual to the letter and you should not have a problem.

Why still pay too much for your telephone bill? Why not earn some money with your telephone?


Source by Johann Du Plessis

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