VoIP – Is it the Right Fit For Your Business?


OK, so you’ve read up on what VoIP is and understand how it works. Now you think it’s the best telecom solution for your small to medium size business since sliced bread. But is it as good as it sounds?

This depends on how VoIP can enhance your business. Consider the following features before purchasing VoIP service to determine if it’s the right telecom solution for your business:

  • VoIP offers cost savings over traditional phone services.
  • Multiple office locations can utilize the VoIP technology with a seamless connection and full functionality of the user handset between offices, specifically: intercom, paging, call transfers, centralized reception and messaging as well as unified messaging (e-mails & voicemail).
  • No need to replace existing office phone systems.
  • Gateways can be used with most PBX’s and Key Systems.
  • Use the same local phone service which you are currently using, resulting in no loss of dial tone if the internet connection goes down. This applies to each office location or just the central location. Each remote location (whether it’s a single VoIP phone or VoIP phone system) can connect via the internet. Bandwidth size would determine the number of users at each location.
  • Store managers and sales personnel can be connected to the office via the internet without being physically in the main office. This reduces driving time, improves productivity and the need for additional staff and office space, therefore reducing overhead costs.
  • Improved customer service with call transfers within your business’s VoIP network. The customer is directed to the correct person without having to make another call, therefore is happier.

If you think the above VoIP features would benefit your business, than perhaps it’s time to check with a telecom consultant to discuss specific VoIP plans and pricing to match your needs.

Small business VoIP technology is available from a variety of different vendors including PhonePower, Lingo, Packet8, voip.com and myphonecompany. Enterprise VoIP is also available for larger organizations.


Source by Laura Rucker

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