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Cox high speed internet service has been recognized as the fastest in the entire nation by PC mag. This lightning fast high speed internet will surely provide users with so much ease while surfing online. This is something that DSL cannot simply beat. Cox also offers plans that are specifically designed to support multiple devices connected to the internet in your home or office at the same time. Apart from the award-winning speed, Cox also allows safe surfing and online sports coverage form

High Speed Internet for your Home

Service plans from Cox internet services are available in many speeds and prices. There is a plan for any person in accordance to their needs. Whether your online needs are really basic such as checking emails or if you utilize your connection for gaming or downloading HD movies, there is a plan that can provide your unique needs. For casual online surfing, you can choose a plan that has a 3Mbps of download speed. A plan that has up to 15Mbps is ideal for uploading and downloading larger files like photos and music. If you want to indulge in watching full-length movies online and online gaming, there is also a plan available at up to 28Mbps of download speed. Another plan that offers up to 30Mbps speed is perfect for those whose lives seem to revolve online. With this plan, users can do just about anything and everything easier, faster and more exciting.

Online Security

There are many online hazards that lie in wait for possible preys. From sexual offenders to fraud, there are many risks that lurk online. This is what Cox cable internet service is able to address. Customers of Cox are given the assurance that their computer units are safe through Cox Security Suite, powered by McAfee. This novel service gives proactive protection to the users and their family. The service includes Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware and Anti Phishing software. This goes with parental controls, firewall and identity protection. Parents will be a lot more confident to know that they can avail of parental controls that allow them to restrict images, certain websites and number of hours that the internet may be in use. Similarly, parents can have access to their children’s browsing history including the files they have downloaded and accessed.

ESPN3 Access

When you avail of Cox internet services you can also have access to free of charge. This allows you to take pleasure in watching live coverage of college ballgames and major professional leagues. International tennis match and soccer games are also available for viewing. In fact, you can watch over 3,500 games in a year plus the chance to watch five live streams at the same time.


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