She's Taking a Mental Health Break

Today is an emotional day. We do a mental heath check in and update on Evie. If you remember during the shut down she went through a really rough time! She actually went into depression. We had to help her out of her depression. Today is all about checking in with her and then having a mental health day to stay happy and out of depression. Evie and I have the best day! We go out to eat at our favorite restaurant! Then we head to the mall for some shopping! Shopping always helps and improves your mental health! After shopping, I do a shopping haul for everything we buy at Altard State and Sephora. Then we go to the park and get some exercise and sun!
When we get home, Evie has a huge surprise to show you! She puts her baby in a brand new stroller! You’re going to love it! And make sure you watch until the end, we do finger foods and a movie! Then Kapri and I show you some really funny TikToks!

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