In Search of Cost-Effective Broadband Internet Solution for Remote and Rural Areas

Internet Connectivity, Rural Internet, Long-Range Wireless Communication Solution, Telecentre Solution, most key-words searches done on the internet come from areas with little or no access to communication.

Tech-Ware Tips presents cost-effective solution and approaches for obtaining internet connectivity in far, remote, rural regions of the world. Thousands of sites exist on the internet that caters to internet business market and targeted people in areas with well-developed internet (telecom) infrastructures. But few sites are devoted to both helping internet business aspirants in far flung remote areas obtain much desired broadband internet connection and e-commerce solutions.

Far, rural and remote regions of the world with limited access to internet still comprise the vast majority of areas with varying degrees and need for internet and e-commerce resources. Take for example South East Asian country The Philippines with a population of more than 70Million people. Being an archipelago, telecom infrastructure is concentrated only in high-dense or highly-urbanized areas leaving towns and provinces with limited access to communication much less, the internet.

Comprising 7,100 islands, the potential for deployment of cost-effective communication for internet connectivity, e-commerce and other forms of internet business is huge and is match with a mass potential internet home-based individual and people with one of the highest literacy rate in Asia.

The Philippines, as an example, is well-poised to be globally competitive in e-commerce business. Developed countries such as, the very vast and wide Australia and New Zealand is known for using Telecentre or Community E-Centers which serve as gateway to the world.

Many countries still has to achieve full internet connectivity but technology advancement and considerable breakthrough in research and manufacturing has produced cost-effective communication gadgets that can deliver wired and wireless communication solution at a fraction of a cost of traditional telecom equipment. Wireless Long-Range Phone and Wireless Long-Range LAN (WLAN) are increasingly used by both developed and third-world countries.

Source by Allan Ampoloquio

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