Historical Overview of U.S. Health Care Delivery

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In this video, Monika Wahi lectures to Laboure College students in her Fundamentals of the US Healthcare System class.
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I listed the links I mention below as they come up in the lecture. Enjoy!
00:33 Slides start
00:41 Learning objectives
01:09 Introduction to the history of United States (US) healthcare
02:46 Influence of cultural beliefs/values, social changes, and technological advances on US healthcare
04:24 Influence of economic constraints and political opportunism on US healthcare
06:27 Medical services in pre-industrial America – Civil War era, mid-1800s, before Industrial Revolution
08:03 Early hospitals and healthcare delivery in pre-industrial America – discussion of almshouses, pesthouses, dispensaries, asylums
09:58 Medical training in the pre-industrial era – establishment of early medical schools and residencies
11:12 Phases of pre-industrial medical school
12:50 Pre-industrial hospital comparison between US and Europe
15:44 Medical services in post-industrial America – changes after the Civil War
17:49 Influence of medical discoveries on post-industrial medicine in the US
18:28 Influence of changes in the American Medical Association (AMA) – AMA becomes a political power broker
20:09 Developments in post-industrial US medical education
22:05 Development of US hospitals in the post-industrial era
23:53 Notable developments in US medicine in post-industrial America
25:33 History of health insurance – early blueprints
25:48 Worker’s compensation, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and private insurance
27:25 Blue Cross and Blue Shield started to merge in the 1970s
28:05 Why did private health insurance ownership increase so rapidly?
29:38 Why we still do not have universal healthcare in the US
29:43 Early attempts to set up universal healthcare in the US, and why they failed
32:22 Medicare and Medicaid was established in 1965 – and more history around public insurance
35:02 Distinctions between the Medicare and Medicaid programs
37:07 Corporatization of healthcare
38:05 Information revolution in healthcare
38:36 Globalization in healthcare (including medical tourism and staff migration)
39:42 Conclusion
40:36 Repeat learning objectives

Historical Overview of U.S. Health Care Delivery


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