Celebs Who Have Been Open About Living With Mental Health Conditions

The international understanding of what mental health is has radically transformed in the 21st century. Most of us now think of mental illness as a real illness, which can be treated with medicine and therapy. Much of the change in attitudes about the life of the mind has come from famous people who have shared their own experiences with mental illness. These people have great respect and credibility among the public, and their points of view hold sway. This has done a great deal to remove stigmas associated with mental illness, and many people are seeking help and going public with their own experiences as a result. These are celebs who have been open about living with mental health conditions.

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Kristen Bell | 0:00
Camila Cabello | 1:38
Carrie Fisher | 3:02
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson | 4:26
Miley Cyrus | 5:50
Mariah Carey | 7:10
Lady Gaga | 8:33
Taylor Swift | 9:56
Amanda Seyfried | 11:08
Kendrick Lamar | 12:21

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