Backdoor Virus – Is Someone Else Robbing Your Online Bank Account?


If you do your banking online, with a personal or business checking or savings account, you may be giving an electronic withdrawal permission to an unknown hacker. The Internet is an effective communications tool. However, the threat of a backdoor virus on your system can give an Internet cyber criminal all of your hard-earned money, and even investments. How does this happen? How do you protect yourself?

A Backdoor virus is a software program that gives an attacker unauthorized access to a machine and the means for remotely controlling the machine without the user’s knowledge. A Backdoor compromises system integrity by making changes to the system that allow it to by used by the attacker for malicious purposes unknown to the user.

Backdoors exploit vulnerabilities of installed software to obtain remote, unauthorized access to your computer. Usually, backdoor spyware is secretly installed by viruses, worms, or sometimes even malicious adware programs. As the name suggests, backdoor spyware works sneakily, making it very difficult for you to find and disable without using anti-spyware technology.

Malware (“malicious software”) is software written to attack individual PCs and entire networks of computers. That attack compromises your computer security through clearly malicious, hostile, or harmful functionality or behavior. Any malicious program that doesn’t want to be heard or seen is usually classified as a type of Trojan. some even open a Backdoor on your computer.

A backdoor is an unlocked communications port for someone to come in and literally take control of all your computer’s functions and data. A backdoor trojan does not replicate itself like a worm, however its payload can be just as damaging. A payload is a series of commands that can open, read and delete files, steal passwords and account log-in information, and more.

Everyone who owns a computer should be concerned about a backdoor trojan virus. No longer are the masses safe from hackers if they don’t have some sort of protection. Knowing exactly what spyware is can help your to understand which spyware protection package is best for your computer.

Luckily, great websites from reputable sources are available on the internet for those wanting to know all there is to know about spyware. One technical group for those who are computer gurus is the Guardian Security forum. This group discusses specific programming codes for detecting and deleting trojans and viruses. For most people, though, using effective spyware removal software is enough to get rid of the backdoor virus.

Ignoring a backdoor trojan can be costly and almost anyone who uses the internet needs to be concerned about. No longer are people anonymous on the world wide web. A person should take action to protect their valuable information to ensure that they are not caught unaware while using the Internet for either work or play.

No matter where one lives in the world, they are not immune to spyware. especially the backdoor virus. Those who work with computers should ensure that they are protected from any unwanted intruders.


Source by Dave Pipitone

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