A Fitness Franchise and Why Joint Flexibility Is Crucial to Health


You will discover here how this particular fitness franchise business can help your customers with their joint flexibility, and explain why this is crucial to their health.

The ability of our joints to be able to move through their full range is what both strengthens muscles and also increases their size. In addition, it helps prevent injuries and overall gives the joints greater capability to move freely. However, developing this flexibility for our joints can be a major challenge.

Inflexible joints means in turn that they will be poorly lubricated, due to an absence of a certain type of fluid in the joint area. This will have an adverse effect on the cartilage, which is in effect the joint cover. The joints have both soft tissue and also quite a rigid muscle structure surrounding them, and it is this which takes most of the work stress.

In the event they are over-worked, or have too much stress put on them, then we end up with joint pain.

One of the biggest problems which we all face is avoiding back pain, and this is even more important to anyone involved in any sort of training, especially if they are professional athletes or body-builders.

A lack of flexibility in both the spine and pelvis, and the inability of the knees to move sufficiently, can actually cause a malformation in the lower part of the spine, which then causes the pelvis to move forward, making the problem even worse.

Training will then produce back pain, sometimes very acute pain, all caused by the increased pressure on our spinal nerves. which is a result of the spine and pelvis malformation. It is a never-ending “Catch 22” situation.

We must work on improving flexibility in these areas if we are to correct both our bearing and posture.

It is quite frightening really to learn that research shows that our cardiovascular systems will show deterioration from the age of 17 years of age onwards if we do no physical work, and the body will start to display flexibility issues from as early as just 14 years of age.

It should be noted that the fact that one joint has good flexibility does not mean that other joints, even those adjacent, will have the same form of flexibility. It is something which must be worked on joint by joint.

Think of how difficult you may find it to carry out a simple task such as reaching for the top of a wardrobe, or even getting up easily from a sofa. All these issues are caused by the relevant joints being inflexible, and they will not just remain so, but will get worse if not addressed.

Is there a way therefore that we can bring flexibility to all our joints and help improve our overall health? The answer is yes, and it is vibration exercise training, or what some refer to as whole body vibration therapy.

To explain this as simply as possible, the regular use of vibration training will both improve blood flow to all the joints, and also will stimulate cartilage growth. In turn, this creates greater joint flexibility and therefore an increase in the range of movement of the joints.

This article would therefore strongly recommend that if you want to improve the flexibility of your joints and therefore your own overall health, you should consider either using a vibration exercise machine, or introducing it into your regular exercise program. And this recommendation is particularly relevant if you suffer from any sort of joint pain, especially back pain.


Source by John J Patterson

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