5 Tips For Getting the Most Out of Your Gym Or Health Club


So many people join a gym or health club with the best intentions, but end up rarely or never going. Although just belonging may make you feel better, it will not improve your health or fitness level.  Here are five quick tips to help keep you going and getting positive benefits.

1) Make sure it’s convenient! You will go far less often if it’s far away, if parking is a hassle , or if it’s too crowded. Pick somewhere nearby.

2) Try them out before joining. Do not let any “sales” staff pressure you like a used car salesman, and at a few gyms they might try. Firmly state that you need to check it out a couple times first and offer to pay. Many gyms will let you try them out for free too.

3) Make sure you check them out during your prime time. Go when you normally would, whether it’s during lunch, before or after work, or on the weekends. If it’s quiet and convenient at 2PM but an uncomfortably crowded madhouse at 6Pm when you normally go, it’s not the place for you!

4) Force yourself to go for only the first few  weeks. It should become a habit and be pleasurable, although this take a few weeks. And realize that everyone misses a few workout sessions so don’t let that get you down.

5) Try different things, including group classes, aerobics machines, weight machines, and free weights. Variety will keep you from getting bored.

Lastly, don’t sign a longterm contract if you are new to working out at gyms/health clubs. I love them and they work for most people, but are not for everyone.


Source by Harold Baldwin

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