4 Tips For Avoiding Car Accidents


Every year in the United States there are millions of car accidents which result in billions of dollars in damages which are paid by auto insurance companies. Due to the sheer volume of car accidents insurance premiums are constantly going up and safe drivers often have to pay for the recklessness of other drivers. The key to keeping your insurance premium low is to avoid car accidents altogether.

Here are 4 tips for avoiding car accidents:

  1. Keep your eyes on the road – While driving we are faced with numerous distractions that can lead to accidents. Distractions include the radio, GPS systems, cell phones, food, drinks, family members and a host of other things you may have in your car. Even taking your eyes off the road for a second can lead to you causing an accident or being unable to avoid an accident. Keeping your eyes on the road will cut down on any accidents tremendously.
  2. Drive slowly in bad weather conditions – Bad weather is something that you can’t avoid and it’s just one of the things we are forced to deal with when driving. However, when the weather is bad driving cautiously is a good idea. Bad weather not only affects our vision but also icy and slippery roads can prohibit our ability to slow down and stop as quickly as necessary. Therefore driving slower in rain and snow is a very good idea.
  3. Check your blind spots when you are switching lanes – Many of us are trained to look in our side view mirrors before we change our lanes, however it’s a necessity to make a brief check to see if any vehicles are in the blind spots of our mirrors. A quick sideways glance to make sure there are no vehicles next to you is important when it comes to avoiding accidents.
  4. Pay attention at intersections – When stopped at a red light many people tend to immediately press the gas when the light turns green. As best practice however check both ways after the light turns green to make sure that no vehicles are trying to catch the light at the last minute.

If you follow the above tips you should be able to avoid many of the common accidents that we see on the road. Remember a brief second or two is all it takes to turn a typical car drive into a tragedy. Driving is serious business and it’s best to avoid any accidents at all costs.


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